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Infinite Warfare Zombies – All Characters and Their Bios


Infinite Warfare Zombies – All Characters and Their Bios

Willard Wyler

willard wyler zombies

Willard Wyler is the guy who invited four of the other characters to come to Spaceland for acting auditions. Instead, they all watch old horror movies and are transported into the world filled with zombies. He’s played by Paul Reubens, who’s responsible for the likes of PeeWee Herman, and is the main antagonist of Infinite Warfare’s Zombies in Spaceland. Wyler’s character bio on the official Call of Duty site reads as follows:

“Once the shining star of horror, Willard Wyler’s crafted the most captivating films that hypnotized audiences and left them begging for more… blood. Years ago, the genius director slowly retreated into obscurity; never to be seen again. Or so everyone thought… Now he’s back – ready to deliver thrills, chills, style, a gripping story – and of course, a body count!”

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