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Final Fantasy XV: How to Summon Titan


Final Fantasy XV: How to Summon Titan

The big man.

Summoning Titan – Final Fantasy XV

Titan is one of the first Astrals you’ll get access to in the game. As the story progresses, Noctis and crew will eventually come across Titan, and they’ll have to convince the Astral to lend them his strength. After completing the story quest, you’ll now be able able to summon him to your aid. However, summoning works a little differently in this game, and you won’t be able to just call him out as and when you please.

For Titan, and each of the other Astrals for that matter, you’ll have to meet a specific condition in order to get him to appear and help you out. In this case, Titan is most likely to show up when one of your allies has been incapacitated. This means that if one of your allies gets into Danger mode and no one helps him out before his maximum HP is drained, that ally will be removed from the battle. This will trigger Titan to show up on the battlefield and assist you in the fight. Do note that each of the Astrals have their own designated territory as well, so Titan will be more likely to show up in Cauthess than in other areas.

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