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Final Fantasy XV: How to Complete Titan’s Trial and Unlock Him


Final Fantasy XV: How to Complete Titan’s Trial and Unlock Him

Titan – Final Fantasy XV

Throughout your travels in Final Fantasy XV, you’ll hear constant mention of “The Six.” These are six powerful beings who appeared long ago and stopped the asteroid you see on the horizon from destroying the world, and they stood with kings to help push back the darkness. After the events that kicks off the game (don’t worry, we won’t spoil them for you), you will then have to seek them out and receive their blessings in order to fight a war.

This is done through trials, and your very first one will be the Titan Trial. Like all of the trials, this is part of the main Final Fantasy XV story, and it also happens to be the easiest one if you know what to do. You’ll be sent to investigate the Disc, which is the spot where a meteor crashed into the planet hundreds of years before, bringing the Six into the realm. The Archaean, which happens to be Titan, wants to speak to you, to tell you something. However, it is enraged, so what starts as a visit seeking information turns into a fight for your life.

The path for this trial is linear but you do have to be mindful of the flames around you as they will deplete your health if you stand near them for too long. This makes fights (which include flying enemies as well as Imperial soldiers) a bit more challenging as you’ll use up much of your MP as you dash about, and you need to always be aware of where you stand. Since you’ll be alone with Gladiolus for this portion, flying enemies will prove to be the most challenging since he has no ranged attacks unless you equip him with a spell (which each have limited uses). You’ll have to either equip yourself with a firearm, or rely on your warp strike, which drops flying enemies to the ground long enough to be slain.

Continue on until you’re chased by Titan’s massive hand, which leads to the actual fight with the large, god-like creature. This is where things get easier as the fight is actually deceptively simple. Prompto and Ignis will re-join your party as you fight, but a large battalion of Imperial soldiers will appear as well. Ignorethem. Yes, they will try to attack you, but the Titan will make short work of them throughout the battle. Shifting your attention will only needlessly drag out the fight, putting you at greater risk of dying. In fact, don’t even pay much attention to your partners. Their special abilities are of no use here, so just make sure they don’t straight up die. Give them a potion if they fall into the danger state, and just focus on Titan’s arm.

Titan will use several attacks, most of which are just slamming a fist down or swiping its hand. Hold Square/X to phase through all of these attacks. The one you’re waiting for is when Titan slams down his hand, causing a Guard prompt. This can be parried, leaving his hand open for a few seconds of attacking. Just keep waiting on this one attack to deal damage and eventually you’ll be informed that Prompto and Ignis are ready to end it with Blizzard. After another parry, the fight will be done and you will gain Titan’s blessing. The blessing comes in the form of an item called the Mark of the Archaean. It allows for Titan to appear when you’re in need.

The story gets really interesting from here, so we hope you’re prepared. Have fun exploring the world of Final Fantasy XV and congratulations on obtaining your first summon.

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