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Final Fantasy XV: How to Beat the Deadeye Behemoth Fast


Final Fantasy XV: How to Beat the Deadeye Behemoth Fast

Deadeye Behemoth – Final Fantasy XV

As you play through Final Fantasy XV, there are a lot of different hunting contracts you can take on. One of them is obtained at the Wiz Chocobo Post and you have to complete it if you ever want to ride a Chocobo in the game. To make things a bit more challenging, you must first locate the beast if you want to kill it.

Using your car and setting it to head towards the mission point will lead you to a sort of valley surrounded by rocks, but the only entrance on that side is completely blocked off. You actually have to approach that same area from the South, and then work your way up towards the waypoint.

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When you get in, you’ll have a few small enemies to fight as you work your way through the path. It’s linear, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. At a certain point Deadeye, who you find out is named that due to its one dead eye, will appear. Continue to follow the path until you reach a large misty area and are tasked with stealthily following the Behemoth.

This part is very easy since you don’t actually have to hide. Just hang back and make sure to never lose sight of its tail. If you do, you’ll have to start over. Also, don’t get too close or it will sense you. Take a leisurely stroll behind it as it makes its way towards its den and you’ll be fine. Even if you’re walking out in the open, it still won’t notice you as long as you’re behind it, thanks to all of the mist.

After this part, you’ll be ready to fight the Deadeye Behemoth. There will be a large area with several red, combustible canisters laying about. Equip a fire spell (it doesn’t matter how strong it is), and wait for the beast to get near a canister, then cast the spell to cause an explosion. It is very weak to flames and will go down, allowing you and your buddies to attack freely. Before it gets up, just back away and repeat when it stands next to another canister. Two should do the trick, but there are more if necessary.

This is the quickest and easiest way to slay this monster since it has a very large pool of health. Once it’s dead, head back to the Wiz Chocobo Post to turn in the bounty and you’ll then be able to rent Chocobos whenever you want (as long as you have the funds).

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