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Gwent: How to Get Ore and What It Does


Gwent: How to Get Ore and What It Does

Ore – Gwent

Ore is one of two main currencies in CD Projekt Red’s standalone Gwent game. While Scraps are used to craft new cards, though, Ore is used to purchase card kegs, Gwent’s version of card packs.

To get your hands on this currency, you’ll need to start playing games. As you win matches against non-AI players, your progress bar will creep higher, and at various increments, you’ll receive rewards. These are typically either Scraps or Ore, though they can be card kegs as well. Win more games, get more money.

If winning isn’t really your style right now (no shame), then you can still rack up cash through games. At the end of each match, both players are given the option to send their opponent a Good Game, and this GG comes with a gift of either 5 Scraps or 5 Ore. It’s not the fastest way to get a keg, which costs 100 Ore, but it could certainly do the trick eventually.

Once you’re stocked up on the stuff, head over to the shop and grab a keg from the resident rock troll.

Once Gwent’s single player campaign arrives, or as the beta progresses, more ways to get Ore may be added to the game. We’ll update this page with any new information as it comes.

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