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Sony Knows HDR Is Risky, But Still Believes in the PS4 Pro

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Sony Knows HDR Is Risky, But Still Believes in the PS4 Pro

“Ready and waiting as HDR penetration increases.”

Following today’s PlayStation Meeting main events, Sony’s Mark Cerny appeared on screen to discuss the PlayStation 4 Pro and its place in the industry. Cerny shared the company’s excitement in providing developers stronger tools, but also the cost and risks of advancing to HDR and 4K technology.

“UHD 4K TV has definitely arrived,” Cerny said. “I believe that something like a third of the TV sets sold this year will be 4K TVs.” The larger concern remains HDR, or High Dynamic Range. This imaging technology allows for greater ranges of color, luminosity, and contrast, making for some of the gorgeous game footage we saw today. The PS4 Pro is capable of outputting HDR visuals, but you’ll need an HDR-capable TV to enjoy those benefits.

“HDR is definitely a bit further out there in terms of adoption,” Cerny admitted, “but it’s great having the console out now because it means that the game experiences will be ready and waiting as HDR penetration increases.”

While HDR may be a bit ahead of the curve, there’s still benefits to the PS4 Pro without an HDR TV. Sony expects the Pro to lend PSVR sharper graphics and greater visual detail, as well as boost performance in games, even on a non-HDR TV.

“You dont need to have a HDR TV to enjoy the benefits of a PS4 Pro. The game experience is enhanced in any number of ways with an ordinary HDTV. I should also say that all of this strategically dovetails very nicely with our initiative into VR. We’re anticipating that the games will be much cripser and have more detail to the graphics on PS4 Pro.”

For now, guess we’ll wait for that increased HDR penetration.

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