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Is Lethal Company Coming to PlayStation & Xbox? Answered

Will the surprise horror hit come to consoles?

Lethal Company has become a bit of a hit, recently becoming the current top seller on Steam. Yet, console players can only watch the PC users enjoy the game. If you’re one such console owner, you’re probably wondering: Is Lethal Company coming to PlayStation and Xbox? We have the answer.

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Will Lethal Company Be on PlayStation or Xbox?

There seem to be no plans for Lethal Company to come to consoles. Zeekers, the game’s developer, has yet to make any promises or respond to the players who asked for that. His Twitter/X profile and Discord server are both completely clean of any information regarding it.

So, if you really want to play this title right now, the only thing you can do is get the game via Steam. You can also use a Steam Deck to play it, but a lot of the players were having issues with input controls, so whether or not that’ll be an enjoyable experience.

Console players can be comforted by the fact that Lethal Company does not have high system requirements. So, if you have a burning desire to play it, almost any PC or laptop out there will get the job done.

Finally, unless you have a PC or a Steam Deck, diving into this hit horror multiplayer title will be impossible right now. If you want some good alternatives, Dead by Daylight and Phasmophobia are definitely worth checking out.

Will Lethal Company Ever Come to Consoles?

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Well, the fact is that Lethal Company is still a relatively new game. Moreover, it’s still in early access, so missing features are to be expected. Console ports, though, will need a bit more work than rebalancing monsters.

Still, given how popular the game has proven to be in such a short time and how many people are requesting it on the Zeekerss’s discord server, it’s very probable. When that might be is still yet to be seen. We will update this guide as soon as more information is available.

Another good thing is that Unity, the engine used for developing Lethal Company, offers great porting capabilities. The biggest issue for developers is actually getting their games through the rigorous application process. If we take into account its current reviews, Lethal Company shouldn’t have a problem with that.

Additionally, Lethal Company has very simple commands and mechanics that should be easy to implement for consoles. However, the terminal commands would probably need an overhaul if you want to make them console-friendly.

For now, though, that’s everything we have regarding whether or not Lethal Company is coming to PlayStation and Xbox. For more on the game, we’ve got a slew of guides and articles you can check out below, including one on how to increase the game’s player limit.

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