Best Lethal Company Mods

Can you make Lethal Company more lethal?

Lethal Company Best Mods
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Lethal Company has been out for a couple of weeks now, and it quickly became one of the highest-rated games ever on Steam. If you want to spice up your gameplay, this list of the best Lethal Company mods can help you do just that.

How to Make Mods Usable in Lethal Company

You should install two mods before installing any from this list, as they are a prerequisite for them to work. These are the LC API and BepinEX mods. To download these mods:

  • Click on Manual Download on the pages of both of these mods
  • Open the Lethal Company root folder by opening Steam – Right-click on Lethal Company in your library – ManageBrowse Local Files
  • Install the BepinEX by unzipping it, then open the BepinExPack folder and copy everything to the Lethal Company root directory
  • Install the LC API by extracting the BepinEx directory to the game’s root folder

Best Mods for Lethal Company You Can Download Right Now

Considering how new the game is, it’s amazing how quickly an API for developing mods has been created and how committed the community is. Below is a list of some of the best currently available mods.


Lethal Company Bigger Lobby
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The first thing most players noticed after playing the game was that it would be so much more fun with more players. BiggerLobby increases the lobby max player limit from the default four to twenty.

If there is any mod you should try, it’s this one. We also have a guide on how to install it if you encounter any trouble.


Lethal Company Mods
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MikesTweaks is a mod that introduces a long list of quality-of-life changes. It features increased inventory space, better sprinting, new keybinds, lowered weight for many items, and more. It might make the game easier, but it also makes it more fun.

Brutal Company

Lethal Company Brutal Company Mod
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If you want to make meeting your quotas even harder for some reason, this mod is for you. Brutal Company substantially increases the overall difficulty and adds new events to the game. Another great thing about this mod is that only the host needs to install it, and it will work for the whole lobby.


Ever gotten frustrated or impatient while waiting for that last teammate to join your crew and wishing you could just start an expedition and have them join mid-match? Well, the LateCompany mod solves that problem for you.

With this mod installed, players can hop into your lobby even after the game has started, cutting down on waiting time.

More Suits

For folks hoping for a bit more cosmetic customization in the game, the More Suits mod should be right up your alley. This mod allows you to add new suits to the store via the Terminal, and you can even customize them to add effects like emission to really make them pop.

When Will More Mods for Lethal Company Come Out?

Lethal Company is still in early access, and there is no workshop yet available. The developer still hasn’t revealed his plans for implementing modding support through Steam, which leaves a lot of players wondering if it will even be added.

Sadly, we don’t have any special information or insight, so there is nothing we can do but wait at this point. Once more information becomes available, we’ll be sure to update this article accordingly.

Hopefully, this list of best mods for Lethal Company saved you some time searching. Hey, don’t forget to meet your quotas, okay? Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game, including a list of all Terminal commands and all Scrap types.

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