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Destiny Rise of Iron: All Exotic Chest Locations in Wrath of the Machine Raid


Destiny Rise of Iron: All Exotic Chest Locations in Wrath of the Machine Raid

Gotta get that loot.

All Exotic Chest Locations – Destiny: Rise of Iron Wrath of the Machine Raid

Destiny’s Rise of Iron expansion tasks players with one final raid to really put their skills to the test. While it’s a difficult mission, you’ll be rewarded with spoils of loot for your efforts, and you can get even more if you’re an eagle-eyed player who seeks out all of the chest locations.

There are technically five different chests for you to find in Wrath of the Machine and some of them are pretty neatly tucked away in the depths of the raid. Luckily for you, we’ve got all of the locations listed below.

Exotic Chest #1: You’ll find the first chest after your first boss battle in the raid. After taking care of the Archpriest, make your way over to the jumping sequence and jump up to the left rather than carrying on straight ahead.

Follow this path round until you reach some girders. Crouch through here, and drop down onto the platform below. You should now see a door ahead of you and to the right. Jump over to this and you’ll find the first chest inside.

Exotic Chest #2: The second chest can be found after your second boss battle when you finally take care of Vosik. Follow the normal path to the next part of the raid and about half way down this section on the right hand-side, you’ll find a raised platform.

Jump up onto it and you’ll enter a new room. In here, you’ll want to jump up onto the pipes in front of you, and then turn around and jump up onto the platform. This will allow you to now go between the pipes to a room which contains the second exotic chest.

Exotic Chest #3: For chest number three, you’ll want to stop on the last platform before you begin the Siege Engine battle of the raid. Facing the way you came, you should see a beam just above you. Head up here and walk all the way to the end and you’ll find the exotic chest hidden away.

Exotic Chest #4: The fourth chest can be found after the Siege Engine encounter. Drop down onto the rocky island where you’ll find the two chests. Go over the bridge, but before going into the cave, you’ll want to stop at the entrance and look to your left. You should see right by the opening of the cave to the left there’s a path in the rocks that you can jump up.

You’ll then want to look over across the other side of the entrance to see a continuation of this rocky path up the mountain. Follow it up and then at the very end you’ll see a pipe high above the entrance to the cave. Jump into here to find the fourth exotic chest.

Exotic Chest #5: The fifth and final exotic chest available in Wrath of the Machine requires you to activate all of the monitors in the raid. Once you’ve activated all five throughout the raid, defeat Aksis and before exiting the raid, head to the area that you spawned at. Over the left-hand side of here, if you look down you should see a platform. Jump down onto this and follow it down.

If you’ve activated all of the monitors, the tunnel should be free of lasers. Head down and open this last chest. This will also start the Channeling the Corruption quest and start you on your way to getting the Outbreak Prime exotic weapon.

That’s all of the exotic chests you can grab in Rise of Iron’s Wrath of the Machine raid. Remember, you can collect these every time you play through the raid, and you’ll get some high level loot for your efforts. Safe travels, Guardians.

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