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Destiny Rise of Iron: How to Get Outbreak Prime, the Raid Exotic


Destiny Rise of Iron: How to Get Outbreak Prime, the Raid Exotic

Outbreak Prime Raid Exotic – Destiny: Rise of Iron

During the Destiny: Rise of Iron raid, Wrath of the Machine, players are given a puzzle in the form of hidden monitors, which have finally all been found. These monitors are used to unlock a chest under the final boss that leads to the brand new exotic weapon quest titled “Be the Battery.” this will earn you the Outbreak Prime Raid Exotic, which releases a SIVA swarm with successful Critical Hits, as well as reloads much quicker after successful Precision Kills. Let’s get started.

Each step is its own quest that requires different things to work. So we’ll note exactly what you need so that you can get through much easier and get your Outbreak Prime much faster.

Step 1: Channeling the Corruption

When opening the the chest you’ll be given a new Mission Item named SIVA Engine as well as a new quest called Channeling the Corruption. To complete this quest, head on over to Shiro-4 in the Iron Temple and show him your shiny new item.

Step 2: Be the Battery

Be the Battery requires you to complete a set of objectives within a fireteam that has all three classes in it, Titan, Hunter, and Warlock. The objectives are simple enough, though:

  • Nightfall Strike
  • 3 Public Events (Archon’s Forge counts)
  • Either 3 Heroic Strikes or 3 Crucible Matches
  • 50 Kills with a Pulse Rifle.

Complete this to unlock the next quest in the list.

Step 3: That Light May Bind

You will now be tasked with tuning a SIVA engine. You’ll have to input a string of numbers in the top, middle, and bottom row, each representing the members of your fireteam.

  • Warlock: 31313
  • Titan: 32323
  • Hunter: 23223

Figure out which number goes in which row and you’re ready for the next step.

Step 4: Parts of a Whole

You’ll once again be given a string of objectives to complete, but thankfully they aren’t all that difficult:

  • Actively Explore the Plaguelands (kill Fallen and do Patrols).
  • 3 Fights in the Archon’s Forge
  • Complete the Sepiks Perfected Strike

Step 5: Align the Energy Inputs

This part requires numbers and the SIVA Engine once again, but you’re a lot closer to obtaining your new raid exotic, the Outbreak Prime, so let’s get it done.

The numbers you’ll need here once again represent your three classes (thanks to Reddit for these values):

  • Hunter: 24414 or 41233
  • Warlock: 13334 or 23444
  • Titan: 42123

Step 6: Complete the Raid

Now you’ll need to go through and complete the Wrath of the Machine one more time to obtain the drops from each of the three bosses. They’ll go to your Mission item slots and are dropped after defeating Vosiks, the Siege Engine, and Aksis. Use your same team to beat the raid since you guys should be pros by now. The Outbreak Prime is within sight now.

Step 7: Align the SIVA Engine

You’ll have to input numbers once again with the final value totaling 730.

Step 8: Return to Shiro

Turn the quest in and obtain your shiny new Outbreak Prime weapon. Show the Darkness the extent of your Legend, Guardians. You’ve just obtained Destiny: Rise of Iron’s most difficult to obtain weapon. Wrath of the Machine has been mastered by you.


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