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Destiny Rise of Iron: How to Activate All Raid Monitors


Destiny Rise of Iron: How to Activate All Raid Monitors

Monitors – Destiny: Rise of Iron

There are secret monitors scattered throughout Destiny: Rise of Iron’s Wrath of the Machine raid. For a while, people have wondered what their purpose was and whether or not they led to something special and it turns out that they do indeed lead to something you’re going to want. Finding all of the monitors and solving their puzzle allows you to access the chest under the final boss, Aksis, and obtain a special quest. But before we get to that quest, let’s find the monitors.

Monitor 1

The first monitor is found during the Vosiks SIVA room encounter. In that room, there are four “safe” rooms on the side. When facing the boss you’ll want to go to the front-left room. In here is an air duct overhead that you can jump up into. Jump in and follow the path to locate the screen at the end.

Monitor 2

This one is located after beating Vosiks. Head into the jumping area and make your way towards the Exotic Chest after that boss fight. It’s located early on in the jumping segment and requires you to keep to the right and follow a hallway into a room of large red canisters. From here, turn around and you’ll notice scaffolding hanging overhead from some large fans. Make your way up using the pipes in the room to reach the top where you’ll find a path leading to what you’re looking for.

Monitor 3

You’ll need to complete the Siege Engine portion of Destiny: Rise of Iron’s raid to grab this one, but it is one of the easier ones to find. After the area is done, jump off of the back of the Engine and remain on the bridge before it falls over the edge. when facing the direction that it fell, look right and over the edge. You’ll see some broken panels jutting out and a SIVA bomb hiding in one of the cracks. Shoot this out to make the panels disappear then jump in.

Monitor 4

This is easily the toughest Monitor to deal with in the raid as it requires your team to work together and really communicate. It requires an understanding of some binary as well as all six members. Head over to the Server Room (the large, maze-like area right before the Aksis fight). Have four people stay in the room with the large cube and all of the canisters below the bridge (you can actually stand on these). Two players must remain back in the area with all of the computers. To the left of that crowded room is one monitor and to the right is another. These will provide the coordinates that the players in the “cube room” will have to stand on. Left provides column (which are numbered starting with 0) and right provides canister row.

As we’ve stated, the monitors will spit out the information in binary, so here are the numbers (thanks to RiseOfBacon on Reddit):

  • 0000 = 0
  • 0001 = 1
  • 0010 = 2
  • 0011 = 3
  • 0100 = 4
  • 0101 = 5

If all is done right, you’ll hear a sound and you’re ready to go.

Monitor 5

This last one is easy to find, you just have to beat the final boss, Aksis. If you’ve beaten him before it will be a cakewalk. Once he’s dead, do not exit the raid because you can’t get back in if you do, even if your team remains there. Jump off of the ledge that is to your left when you spawn in. If you look down you’ll see a platform over the edge. Follow the path to see a hallway with a chest at the end. At the beginning of this hallway is your final screen which will unlock the last laser shield. Open the chest and receive the new Channeling the Corruption quest to get the “Be the Battery” exotic quest.

Safe travels, Guardians.

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