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Yakuza 5: How to Get Foul Balls for the Baseball Challenge


Yakuza 5: How to Get Foul Balls for the Baseball Challenge

Hitting the baseball field in Yakuza 5? If you’re planning to spend some time in the Nagoya Batting Cage, you’ll eventually be challenged with hitting 3 intentional foul balls. If you’re having some trouble being bad at baseball, there’s a couple of techniques for guaranteeing a foul ball.

The first method requires a little more skill and practice. You’re going to want to swing (hit the correct direction button) when the gauge reaches pink, right before yellow. It’s difficult to manage, but should yield you a foul if you’re adept.

If you’re looking for an easier way to complete the mission, some players have found success with a much simpler trick. Try tapping the correct direction button right after the pitcher has thrown the ball. This should guarantee a foul.

Hopefully, with enough patience, you’ll be fouling out in no time and continue onto your dreams of being the purposefully mediocre baseball player you were always destined to be.


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