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Rocket League: How to Cross Play

rocket league ranked how to cross play

Rocket League: How to Cross Play

Console vs console.

Rocket League – Cross Play

Since Rocket League initially released on PlayStation 4 in July 2015, cross-play has been available between Sony’s console and PC. Earlier this year the game came to the Xbox One and cross-play followed soon after. However, it is currently not available between the two home consoles, although it is planned for the future.

Cross-play is turned on automatically and you will organically meet players on PC if you are playing on console, or on consoles if you are on PC, through standard matchmaking.

However, you can turn cross-play off by flicking the switch in the menus. To do so, scroll down to ‘options’ on the main menu, bringing up a smaller menu. From here, scroll across to the ‘Misc’ tab and you will see the ‘enable cross-network’ play option three from the bottom. The box will be ticked by default and to disable cross-play, all you have to do is click it. This will mean you will only encounter players from your platform of choice when finding a game.

Cross-play is helpful for people that have friends playing on different platforms but some may find it easier playing against others on the same platform, rather than against those with a different set-up. The option gives players the choice to pick what is best for them.

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