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Attack on Titan: How to Heal


Attack on Titan: How to Heal

How to Heal – Attack on Titan

Just in case you weren’t on the up and up about Attack on Titan, battling monstrous Titans is a pretty dangerous job. While most of them aren’t exceptionally quick, they are all very powerful. For the most part you’ll be able to dodge them with ease, but once you start facing off against Abnormals, things get tricky. They have unpredictable movements, so you’ll be forgiven for getting hit every once in a while.

When you do get hit you’ll have to rely on Focus to get you out of a jam. Focus isn’t unlimited, though, and the only way to restore it is to heal. Thankfully, there are a few ways to do so.

Restoratives – Restoratives are items you unlock after a couple of missions in Attack on Titan. Once you unlock them you’ll have them in your inventory at the start of every mission. To use, scroll through your items using left and right on the d-pad. The Restorative is located right before your Gas Canisters. Once highlighted, press up on the D-Pad to use. It’s a quick animation, but still keep your wits about you in case there are any Titans nearby.

Decisive Battle Signals – Next to your character you’ll notice a yellow meter that fills up as you take down Titans and complete side missions. When full, you can press R2/RT to trigger your Decisive Battle Signal, which heals you up while also increasing your abilities for a short period and calling in reinforcements.

Time – Time heals all wounds, including those caused by enemies in Attack on Titan it seems. If you’re out of Restoratives and have nothing else to help you, simply wait it out and your character will heal on their own.

That’s how to bring your health back up, just make sure to steer clear of wild Titan arms and legs. You don’t want to get swatted out of the sky or, even worse, grabbed.

For more Attack on Titan help, check out our wiki full of tips and guides!

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