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We Happy Few: Where to Find Mechanical Craft Tables


We Happy Few: Where to Find Mechanical Craft Tables

Crafting is a very important component of We Happy Few’s gameplay. It’s needed to create items to heal you, traps to thwart enemies, clothing, and even weapons. Many of the recipes you’ll collect in the game can be crafted in any place at any time, allowing you to make things on the go. The more complex items you unlock, however, require specific tables for you to patch together all the components. When it comes to weapons and traps, the tables needed are Mechanical Craft Tables.

Mechanical Craft Tables look like your typical crafting table from other games. It’s a flat, wooden table with a large vice on one side, some drafting paper, and a lamp. When you want to make more complex Mechanical Recipes in We Happy Few, you’ll need to walk up to one of these, interact with it, and then proceed as you normally would. However, these aren’t the easiest tables to find, at least not in the beginning when you’re still roaming the garden.

Since the world is procedurally generated, they can appear in any household. You’ll simply have to go hunting for them if you really want to get your hands on something more advanced early on. Once you get past that first area, though, you’re in luck. Each safehouse in the next two areas, including Wellington Wells, has one of those Mechanical Craft Tables right inside. Now if you need to craft something, just head back home and you’re all set.


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