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We Happy Few: How to Make Space in Your Inventory and Organize it Up



We Happy Few: How to Make Space in Your Inventory and Organize it Up

Think like Tetris.

We Happy Few has finally released in Early Access, so you can get your mitts into it’s terrifying world. The game has a very intriguing survival gameplay system, that has all the mod cons of the genre with a few twists and turns.

One feature is the Inventory system, which is the means by which you store your items that you find out in the world. Optimizing this space is of the utmost importance, as it can help you carry more resources to make sure that you don’t get caught out trying to sate your hunger/thirst, or even survive a deadly attack. It can be a bit tricky at times, though, so we’ve got a few tips to help keep things in order.

The inventory system functions similarly to that in classic Resident Evil games, in that you’ve got a regimented amount of space and you’ve got to fill it accordingly. Think of it like Tetris, the more neatly packed items are, the more space you have at the end. Put bigger items like Pipe Valves, Suits, Alcohol, and Jimmy Bars to the left and stack them up, and then put food/water in linear sections so you can tell them apart.

Being able to have access to these instant boosts will genuinely save your life in a precarious situation in We Happy Few, so it’s worth looking out for.

Another point to be made is that you have a personal stash in your underground safehouse. For everything you know you aren’t going to immediately craft, go down there and stock it away for safe-keeping, it’ll be there when you come back later and you’ll have way more haul the next time you go out looting. It’s a win-win situation. Items like polarity devices and non-essential crafting tools can be stored away. Only take out food, water, pills, weapons, and some means to create healing items. Everything else is optional, and can be stored. You can even drop stuff in the safe house and it’ll stay there on the floor. If you’re worried about having to travel back to a safehouse when moving on to a new area, don’t. All safehouse stashes are connected, so you’ll be able to access your gear from any safe you own out in We Happy Few’s world.

The final way to really make your inventory efficient is to find Bag expansion kits. These open up a new row of items for you to store and make every haul much more efficient. Search all of the encounter buildings and occupied houses for these, and also keep an eye out for their holster/pocket companions. The more slots you have to hold weapons/quick-slot items, the more space in your inventory for loot!


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