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We Happy Few: How to Stealth & Sneak


We Happy Few: How to Stealth & Sneak

How to Stealth and Sneak in We Happy Few

We Happy Few drops players in a twisted utopia where the veil has been ripped from over their eyes and they can see the true dark nature of the open world before them. In order to make it out alive, players will have to rely on their wits and various resources to survive the stark island they’ve been thrust into. One of the mechanics that will help make this endeavor much easier is stealth or sneaking about like the hated Downer you are.

Like in most survival games out there, remaining unseen is of the utmost importance. This allows you to gather resources safely, and even move about the Bobbies (what We Happy Few calls police) with ease. Thankfully, slipping into stealth is relatively easy. Simply crouch and you’re entered into stealth mode. To do this, hit B on your Xbox One controller or C on your keyboard.

Now sneaking doesn’t make you invisible or anything, but you are harder to spot and you make less noise while moving. Crafting Sneakers (which require 2 Duct Tape and 2 Cloth) makes you even more silent, lowering your chance of drawing attention. Crouching also allows you to move through can traps without making a sound. If you simply walk through them upright, they’ll trigger an alarm.

You can perform takedowns while you’re crouched and sneaking, by the way. Here’s our guide on that.

One thing to keep an eye out for when committing certain actions, though, is an icon of a red eye that appears on the top of the screen. This will appear if you’re brandishing a weapon, picking a lock, opening a window, stealing from a phone booth, etc. What this means is that if seen, you will be attacked. It’s a good indicator of when it’s time to use stealth. Also, if an item says “steal” rather than “pick up,” make sure you are unseen. Unfortunately, since the game is still in an early build, the red eye will sometimes pop even if nobody is around, so always be extra careful and keep your own eyes peeled.

That’s all there is to moving in stealth in We Happy Few, now put it to good use and plan your escape from that horrid place. For more on the game, be sure to check out our wiki.

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