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We Happy Few: How to Stealth Takedown


We Happy Few: How to Stealth Takedown

How to Stealth Takedown in We Happy Few

One mechanic that will help you out a lot in the dark, twisted world of We Happy Few is the stealth takedown. This allows you to silently knockout an enemy, freeing up the surrounding area to your searching and looting. Thankfully, pulling off a takedown is one of the easiest things in the game, though not getting caught is a different story.

First and foremost, you need to to have the Takedown ability unlocked. It’s titled Sweet Dreams and is easy to get with one skill point. It’s one of the first ones you can unlock under the Stealth category.

Takedowns can be triggered by the player while both standing and crouching, but it’s more effective if you’re crouching so that they don’t hear you coming up and turn around. You need to be behind them, and they can’t know you’re there. Once you’re in position, though, you’ll see the promp telling you to take them down by pushing Y on your controller.

Note, of course, that if there are other enemies in the room with you, you’re likely going to be spotted while doing this. Make sure you’re alone with the one that’s going night night, and hide their body if you have to! Basically, don’t try this if there are too many guards right nearby. It might take you too long.

If you want to be extra sure, you can pull a lone enemy towards you by causing suspicion with rocks, darts, bottles, and other things. Just don’t let them see you throw it as that will count as you attacking. Toss the item and when they come closer to inspect, boom! Attack!

That’s all there is to stealth takedowns in We Happy Few! If you need more help, check out our wiki, leave a question in the comments below, or use our search bar to find the answer for yourself! Happy surviving!

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