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We Happy Few: How to Craft and Get Recipes


We Happy Few: How to Craft and Get Recipes

Crafting is the main mechanic of We Happy Few and will be required for you to survive the harsh world the game throws you into. Before you can even think of crafting anything, though, you’ll need to do a bit of scavenging. Resources can be found just about anywhere in the game. On the floor, in garbage cans, mailboxes, crates, dressers, and other similar containers. Once you have enough resources you’ll begin to unlock recipes. In We Happy Few, recipes pop up once you’ve encountered the ingredients needed to make them. Once you have a recipe, you’re ready to craft.

There are three types of crafting, the first of which can be done anywhere in the world. To use this method, simply open your menu and head to the crafting tab. It’s represented by a hammer. Scroll through your recipes and when you find the item you want to craft, simply hit the “A” button on your controller. That’s it.

The other method is for more Mechanical items. These include items such as weapons, traps, and other tools. To craft these, you’ll need to locate a Mechanical Craft Table out in the world. These look like your standard crafting tables from other games: large, brightly colored with a yellow vice, and very easy to spot. They can be found just about anywhere in the procedurally generated maps, usually in houses that you can roam into.

Once you find one, simply interact with the “X” button on your controller, choose your recipe and follow the same steps as if you were crafting directly from your menu.

The third method is just like the one for Mechanical Items, only for Chemical recipes. The more basic ones can be made anywhere, but for more complex recipes such as Antiseptic or Hallucinogens, you’ll need a Chemical Station. These work just like the mechanical ones.

One thing to keep in mind is that crafting does not pause We Happy Few. If you’re trying to quickly craft something to help you in a fight, create some distance between you and your enemies. You can be killed in any menu, so craft responsibly.

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