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Starbound: How to Get Fuel and Put It in Your Ship


Starbound: How to Get Fuel and Put It in Your Ship

Starbound is all about surviving as you travel across the galaxy, and to do that, you’re going to need plenty of fuel for your ship. Travelling within a star system is free, but travelling between these systems will cost fuel proportional to the distance traveled, with a 500 max cost.

There are four sources of fuel within Starbound: Uranium, Solarium, Plutonium, and Liquid Echirus, which replaced Coal as a fuel source a while back. Each of these sources can be mined on planets and moons. Uranium is often on radioactive planets, Plutonium can be found deep beneath the surface of moons, and planets near a hot star are most likely to house Solarium. Liquid Echirus, meanwhile, can be bought at the outpose or found under the surface of a moon.

To put fuel into your ship, stand behind the cockpit at the console, and hit E. This will bring up an interface, where you can place your fuel sources then click Fuel to convert them into usable, ship-moving energy.

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