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Starbound: Top 15 Best Mods You Can’t Play Without

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Starbound: Top 15 Best Mods You Can’t Play Without

Change the stars.

Creative Mode

Starbound’s Creative Mode unlocks a wealth of options and resources that will allow you to mold any and all planets to your liking. Terraform them, turn them into your personal kingdoms, make them prisons, whatever you like.

Simple Extended Character Creation Mod

This character creation mod actually makes it easier for you to keep track of all the races you’ve downloaded for your game. More slots makes it easier for you to choose, and there are some more customization options as well.

XS Corporation Mechs

Step up your combat in Starbound by adding some awesome mechs to the action. There are several different types, each with their own abilities and design so you can pick the perfect machine for each occasion.

Knight Artorias Gear From Dark Souls

This particular mod actually provides more than just one set of gear to use in Starbound. You’ll have access to Knight Artorias, Ornstein, and Smough gear so you can be a nightmare to any that oppose you out in space.


Looking for a cool beast to ride while you explore the galaxy? This mod adds 150 unique mounts for land, sea, and air. Each one has its own attacks and animations so you can find the perfect one for you.

Pixel Goods Store

Tired of your homes across Starbound’s galaxies looking plain? Why not sprice them up with some premier decorations from the Pixel Goods Store? Here you can buy something perfect for that special room or even add some style to an entire planet.

Peculiar Planets

Think that the game is too easy or looking for a more engaging endgame? Peculiar Planets should be one of the first mods you check out then, as it will add sub-biomes to planets that need them, tougher planets, and other challenges.

Chromatic Bound

Starbound doesn’t really dial it up in the graphics department, so if you’re looking for a bit more pop in the visuals check out this mod which enhances contrast, colors, and bloom.

Glowing Chests

Maybe you don’t want to just go an outright cheat. Perhaps you just need a bit of help, especially with locating loot. This mod makes chests glow so they’re easier to spot and even color-codes them so you know what you’re in for.

Frackin Universe

Fracking Universe is the mod you want if you’ve played through Starbound and want an entirely new experience. There are tons of features to enjoy (far too many to list), so just dive in and enjoy the game in a brand new way.

TS Technologies

Tired of using the same old structures and machines? The TS Technologies mod adds new technology for you to build that offer new abilities such as turning crops and carcasses to fuel and dirt into ore.

Halobound – Complete HALO Mod

This mod introduces a bunch of new weapons and gear based on the HALO universe.

Tech Planets

You’ve already spent hours upon hours searching planets full of different fauna and flora. Now it’s time to search a cold technical planet full of unpredictable threats and features. This mod is a perfect way to mix up the exploratory gameplay of Starbound.

Placeable Atmostphere Generator

Building bases on asteroids isn’t advised mostly due to the fact that you can’t breath on one, nor can you grow any crops. The Placeable Atmosphere Generator solves that problem, allowing you to generate a bubble of breathable air that will allow for a bit of life on that hurtling rock of yours.

Weapons of Starwars

This mod gives you exactly what the title states, fully functional weapons based on the Star Wars universe. Take over the galaxy and make the Imperial forces proud.

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