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Starbound: How to Heal Pets


Starbound: How to Heal Pets

During your sci-fi adventure in Starbound, you may want to have some company to make those long journeys across the galaxy a little less lonely. Pets are a great way to do that, but, unfortunately, they can get seriously hurt or even die if they run into trouble on your adventure. Here’s how to heal your pets in Starbound.

There are three different ways you can heal your pets. The first is the most straightforward method of healing, but may take you a while to get. You’ll need to craft a Pet Healing Station, which itself, can be crafted from a Pet Station. Once you’ve crafted one of these, all you have to do is place the hurt pet’s capture pod into the Pet Healing Station and watch as it gets healed up good as new. To craft a Pet Healing Station, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • 6 Durasteel Bar
  • 6 Silicon Board
  • 5 Copper Wire
  • 1 Battery

Alternatively, pets can wear different collars which grant them different attributes. These can be attached to pets inside Critter Capture Pods. All you have to do is select the collar and right clicking on the capture pod which contains the pet you want to heal. There are three Healing Collars available in the game, with Healing I Collar slowly recovering the health of your pet slowly, II picking up the pace a little, and Healing III Collar doing the job much faster.

Finally, you can also heal your pets if you’re lucky enough to get a wand with a healing special ability. All you have to do is select your pet to cast the healing special on and you’ll soon see your pet’s health slowly regenerate.

It’s worth noting at this point, however, that only the Pet Healing Station method will revive your pets if they have died out in battle. The other two will simply just replenish their health bars.


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