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Starbound: How to Spawn Items


Starbound: How to Spawn Items

While playing Starbound, you’ll always be on the hunt for new resources, gear, and other useful items. Exploration and scavenging are major components of the game, but sometimes you just want to have a little fun. To have said fun, though, you’ll still need some decent gear and other items. That’s when the ability to spawn items comes into play.

Like most games on PC, you have the ability to use the console in Starbound to spawn whatever you want appear out of thin air. One thing you need to know is that you must always put yourself as an admin. To do this, press C to bring up the console then type in /admin. After that, you’ll input the necessary thread to spawn in the item that you want.

The exact steps are:

  • Press “C” to bring up the Starbound console from your ship.
  • type in “/admin”
  • type in “/spawnitem itemname [count] [variant parameters] to spawn the item you want

That’s all there is to spawning items. Of course, you will have to learn the item names for any of the items you’re currently seeking. Some use the name you see in your inventory, others may be a bit different. So do keep that in mind.

Another thing you should note is that while you are in admin mode, you are essentially in god mode. You take no damage, have all recipes, and will be able to get everything for free.

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