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Pokemon GO: How to Sign Out and Switch Accounts


Pokemon GO: How to Sign Out and Switch Accounts

So, Pokemon GO has finally hit iOS and Android, and tons of Pokefans around the world are flocking to the app to make their mark on the most challenging region yet.. Earth!

However, you might need some information on how to perform some basic tasks whilst in the app, as it can get quite confusing. Pokemon GO doesn’t really offer a comprehensive tutorial for any of its features, which can be troublesome for a trainer taking his first steps in a brave new world!

I’m going to focus on signing out of the game and switching accounts. Once in the game, click on the Poke Ball menu button. From there, click on Settings and scroll all the way to the bottom. There, you’ll find Sign Out. Hit that, confirm, and you’ll be taken back to the sign in page. From here, you can log in with the same Google/Pokemon Trainer Club account, or with a new one.

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