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Overwatch is Getting a New Hero with a Powerful Rifle

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Overwatch is Getting a New Hero with a Powerful Rifle


It’s been well known that Overwatch will be getting new heroes to join its already sizeable cast of 21 heroes. It looks like one of them may be joining pretty soon, as the official Twitter for the game tweeted out a picture for the blueprints to one wicked looking rifle.

As the tweet says, it’s a prototype specifically for medics in the field of battle, personally created by Torbjorn. The gun is for healers, something that both he and Mercy are very insistent on pointing out as its intended purpose. The capsule looks like it’ll contain something like a healing gas for teammates, or just emit a field that heals allies. Either way, Mercy is concerned that this gun could be weaponized to become something more dangerous, which isn’t her MO. And she’s honestly not wrong to be concerned about that.

Of course, given that this is all incredibly confidential info, you may wonder why Overwatch would show this. Well, it’s simple:

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