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Destiny Moments of Triumph: How to Get Them All


Destiny Moments of Triumph: How to Get Them All

Let your legend be seen.

A Blade Reborn


(Complete any of the Exotic Sword quests from Shaxx.)

If you don’t have an Exotic Sword in Destiny by now, you should definitely be looking to get one not only because you’ll complete one of the new Year Two Triumphs, but also because they’re just really badass tools of destruction. Before you can even unlock an Exotic Sword quest, though, you’ll need to have a sword. It’s not too difficult to obtain one, although you will have to complete The Taken King’s main quest line first. Here’s how to get yourself a shiny new blade.

Once you have one, continue to upgrade the weapon until it reaches at least 280 Attack. After this point Lord Shaxx will offer you an exotic quest where you’ll get to choose which Burn you want, the quest will be called “A Sword Reforged.” Each part of this quest is sort of time consuming, but none are difficult until you reach the fifth part called “Sealing the Blade.” This will require you to kill Alak-Hul (the Darkblade) and a specified Warden of Oryx within 30 seconds of one another. The easiest way to complete this part is to have two friends with you who already have exotic swords of the burns you don’t want, or to have friends running complementary subclasses to yours (ex: if you’re running void, they should run arc and solar). This will make whittling down the health of enemies much easier, allowing you to bring Alak-Hul and the warden down to a low percentage. Once that’s done, kill the warden then everyone should immediately gang up on Alak-Hul to finish him off.

Once that’s done head back to Lord Shaxx and collect your 310 exotic sword.

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