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Destiny: The Taken King How to Unlock the Sunbreaker Subclass


Destiny: The Taken King How to Unlock the Sunbreaker Subclass

Set the darkness aflame.

Destiny: The Taken King- How To Unlock the Sunbreaker Subclass

Are you a dedicated year one Titan, firing up Destiny: The Taken King for the first time wondering how to unlock Sunbreaker, Titan’s new subclass? We got you covered. First things first though, you’re going to want to complete The Taken King’s first mission, The Coming War. After that, return to the tower and the Titan guardian mentor, Commander Zavala, will have a quest for you.

Head back to orbit and a new mission on Venus, A March of Fire, will appear. A March of Fire will take you through the same path that the Year One strike The Nexus did. Head through the Ishtar Commons taking out the Vex that get in your way. Eventually you’ll come across a large Vex Hydra Ultra appropriately named Ultra Hydra. If you’re at 25 he might be difficult but 34s should have no problem taking the Ultra Hydra out pretty quickly. It will spawn Vex as you fight but nothing that’s too overwhelming.

Once you defeat the Ultra Hydra, inspect the small Vex spire to learn that the Sunbreakers are on Mercury. The mission will complete and you’ll automatically be sent to The Burning Shrine for the next phase of the mission.

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