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Destiny: The Taken King How to Unlock the Stormcaller Subclass


Destiny: The Taken King How to Unlock the Stormcaller Subclass

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Destiny: The Taken King- How To Unlock the Stormcaller Subclass

Destiny-Warlock Destiny The Taken King Stormcaller

Are you a dedicated year one Warlock, firing up Destiny: The Taken King for the first time wondering how to unlock Stormcaller, the Warlock’s new subclass? We got you covered. First things first though, you’re going to want to complete The Taken King’s first mission, The Coming War. After that, return to the tower and the Warlock guardian mentor, Ikora Rey, will have a quest for you.

Head back to orbit and there will be a new mission on Marsfor you called A Spark in Shadow. You’ll be headed beneath the freehold station Mars to in search of a Vex Mind that is buzzing with Arc power. Your goal is to claim that power for your own. When you start, hop on your sparrow and follow your map indicator over to the tunnels. Once there, fight through some Cabal and Vex.

Finally, make your way to Vekron, the Conductive Mind, and destroy it to end the mission. Here is where phase two of unlocking the Stormcaller subclass begins.

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