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Destiny: The Taken King How to Unlock the Nightstalker Subclass


Destiny: The Taken King How to Unlock the Nightstalker Subclass

Use the power of the Void to defeat the darkness.

Destiny: The Taken King- How to Unlock the Nightstalker Subclass

Are you a dedicated year one Hunter, firing up Destiny: The Taken King for the first time wondering how to unlock Nightstalker, the Hunter’s new subclass? We got you covered. First things first though, you’re going to want to complete The Taken King’s first mission, The Coming War. After that, return to the tower and the Hunter guardian mentor, Cayde-6, will have a quest for you.

Head back to orbit and there will be a new mission on Venus for you. You’re in search of a Nightstalker named Tevis. You’ll spawn in at Campus 9 and work your way through Vex until you reach the Endless Steps. A transmission from Tevis will reveal that he’s been pulled into the Black Garden somehow and needs assistance. His Ghost however is still on Venus in front of the large gate at the Endless Steps.

Approach his Ghost and tons of Vex will appear. After about five or six waves the Vex will cease and you’ll be able to scan Tevis’ Ghost. The mission will end here and you’ll be automatically send to the Crucible map, Pantheon, in the Black Garden. Here is where phase two of unlocking the Nightstalker subclass begins.

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