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Zero Time Dilemma: D-Team Trash Disposal Puzzle Walkthrough

Zero Time Dilemma

Zero Time Dilemma: D-Team Trash Disposal Puzzle Walkthrough

The climax of the D-Team adventure.

The trash disposal area is one of the locked room puzzles D-Team will have to face in Zero Time Dilemma. Here’s how to solve it.

Step 1: Grab the goggles and toolbox from the cabinet.

Step 2: Grab the gas torch.

Step 3: Equip the goggles and check the trash chart on the wall for the code ‘TIC’.

Step 4: Enter ‘TIC’ in the lever puzzle on the console.

Step 5: Have Phi pick up the screwdriver inside the incinerator.

Step 6: Have Phi weigh the screws and the screwdriver on the weighing scale on the ground.

Step 7: Have Diana and Sigma examine the chute and key in the code ‘155,’ which is the weight of the screwdriver and the screws.

Step 8: Send the toolbox to Phi and have her solve the puzzle by aligning the tools properly.

Step 9: Send the gas torch over to Phi.

Step 10: Have Phi use the gas torch on the thermometer next to the weighing scale in the incinerator.

Step 11: Have Diana and Sigma take the coin from the console.

Step 12: Use the coin to unscrew the metal grating to reveal the red button on the wall.

Step 13: Have Sigma sit in the chair.

Step 14: Have Diana grab the gun box and send it over to Phi to unscrew it.

Step 15: Have Diana pick up the gun and put it in the ‘Stop’ hole next to the chair.

After that, a cutscene will unfold. Congratulations, you’ve managed to seek a way out of the trash disposal room in Zero Time Dilemma! Or have you?

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