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Zero Time Dilemma: Q-Team Biolab Puzzle Walkthrough


Zero Time Dilemma: Q-Team Biolab Puzzle Walkthrough

Slash the pig!

The biolab is one of the locked room puzzles Q-Team will face in Zero Time Dilemma. Here’s how to solve it.

Step 1: Take the research note on the table.

Step 2: Examine the DNA model for the piece of the DNA model.

Step 3: Use the piece of the DNA model to unscrew plate on the machine next to the model. This gives you the cover of the centrifuge.

Step 4: Check the shelf next to it for the centrifuge manual.

Step 5: Check the sink to get the knife.

Step 6: Get the green and pink beakers on the bench next to the computer monitor.

Step 7: Put the centrifuge cover in the microwave-like contraption.

Step 8: Cut the pig cushion with the knife. This gets you the file on Fanatic Bio R, a microscope lens, and a power cord.

Step 9: Use the lens on the microscope.

Step 10: Put the pink beaker in the centrifuge to get the red and white test tubes.

Step 11: Put the green beaker in the centrifuge to get the blue and yellow test tubes.

Step 12: Check all test tubes under the microscope. Yellow cells are in groups of five, red cells are in groups of three, blue cells are pairs, and white cells are singles.

Step 13: Use the power cord on the machine between the pig and computer monitor.

Step 14: Go to the switch on the locker and complete the following button presses: the white should be pressed once, the red should be pressed three times, the blue should be pressed twice, and the yellow should be pressed five times.

Step 15: Complete the specimen puzzle, and you’ll obtain the capsules.

Step 16: Put the red and yellow test tubes in the centrifuge to get the orange beaker.

Step 17: Put the knife inside the machine you activated with the power cord.

Step 18: Put the white, blue, and orange liquids into the machine. You’ll get the fetus specimen.

Step 19: You can now check the monitor and capsules for a hint to the next puzzle.

Step 20: Place the fetus specimen next to the other four specimens, and arrange them like this from left to right: penguin, seahorse, fetus, butterfly, root.

Step 21: Touch the device that pops up.

Step 22: Move the sink, and then check the sink drawer for the scalpel.

Step 23: Check the sink again, then move the pig sink next to it.

Step 24: Take the pig and put it on the sink, then use the scalpel on it.

After you’ve completed all the above steps, a cutscene will play. Congratulations, you’ve managed to seek a way out of the biolab in Zero Time Dilemma.

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