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Smite: How to Leave and Join a Clan

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Smite: How to Leave and Join a Clan

Friends forever! Or until I leave.

Some players might decide to play Smite on their own, but the game is best played with friends. One way to make quick friends is to join a clan, which Smite makes easy to find in the PC version.

In order to find clans, players have to go to the right-hand corner and click on the social tab. Once you do that you have to consider what type of clan you want to be in. Clans can range from super small, with starting clans only allowed to have up to 30 members, to larger clans that can have 1,000 members. You can also set your searches to show which clans have open joining, meaning you can join as you wish. There are also clans that only allow applications, which means a clan leader must approve your application, and ones that are invite-only, meaning you cannot apply to this clan. Click on the clan of your choice and go to the bottom where you see a ‘Join’ button, click on that and you’ve joined a clan. Once you do that your “Profile Loadout” or avatar will automatically change to the one set by the clan. 

Let’s say this clan wasn’t what you expected, or you want to create your own clan with your friends. Then you’re going to have to quit the clan that you’re in, but how? You would simply go to the clan listings where you first joined your clan. On the left-hand side there is a tab called ‘roster’, click on that and you’ll see in the left-hand corner something that says, ‘Leave Clan’. Click on that and a prompt will pop up to confirm your decision, click ‘yes’ and you’re done. If it was an open joining clan, you can just go back as long as the option is there.

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