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Supergiant Games’ Pyre Receives New Trailer for E3


Supergiant Games’ Pyre Receives New Trailer for E3

Learned Nothing. Still Pretty.

It’s easy to lose track of all the newest games being released at E3 2016, but the newest trailer for Pyre didn’t go unnoticed. The trailer for Supergiant Games next game was released on the Playstation official Youtube channel.

The trailer itself seems to use a lot of the gameplay footage that was released during Pax East, but there is some new music by Darren Knob and more hints of the storyline. The narration mentions how being able to read the books in the game is forbidden, and that the player was exiled for being literate. It also hinted that the knowledge within the books is dangerous and everyone is essentially  fighting for their freedom. Not much else is shown in the new trailer that wasn’t previously known, but fans of the experiences that Supergiant creates at least got another look at the art style that Pyre has decided to take on.

This will be the third game released by Supergiant Games, a company known for hit indie games Bastion and Transistor. There is no current set release day for Pyre other than sometimein 2017. The game will be released for the PC and Playstation 4, with no word on when it will make its way onto the Xbox One.


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