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Overwatch Tips: How to Counter Bastion


Overwatch Tips: How to Counter Bastion

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Machines are really trying to kill you in Overwatch. Bastion is a a robot with several configurations that are all meant to embarrass you out on the battlefield. It is literally a walking tank, capable of tearing up opponents at all ranges, provided it’s in the right position.

Defense heroes are supposed to be somewhat difficult to take down, otherwise they wouldn’t be much good at defense, but Bastion is a bit special. This robot not only can stand a ton of damage, but it can dish out a ridiculous amount without so much as taking a step if it doesn’t want to. Finding a flaw in its highly formidable armor is no easy task.

Recon allows the machine to walk around firing a submachine gun that can burn an opponent down at close to medium range. It’s not the most powerful weapon you’ll go up against, but it can certainly get the job done. Especially when you consider that in a toe-to-toe fight, Bastion can take more rounds than you most likely can. Sentry on the other hand locks the bot down so he can use a gatling gun to rip you and your friends a new one. Encountering this mode in a hallway or any objective located in a tight space is not fun at all.

Tank mode is Bastion’s Ultimate ability. If you’re thinking that means it turns into a tank with treads and a large, impossibly powerful cannon, then you’re on the right track. Not only is the range of its attacks greatly increased, but the splash damage makes it possible to take out multiple players in a single shot.

The developers may have took the term Tank when designing Bastion a bit too seriously, but they did leave in some ways to rise against our machine overlord. 

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