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Overwatch: How to All Chat

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Overwatch: How to All Chat

Justice ain’t gonna dispense itself.

Communication is vital in Overwatch. Sending messages to your team can make or break a game. Blizzard’s tactical team shooter is mainly based around collaboration, so a small message about team composition or enemy locations can make a massive difference.

However, sometimes you want to talk to your enemies, whether that be in a positive or negative manner. Perhaps you’d like to congratulate someone on their kick-ass play of the game, and link up with them for future games. Other times you may want to vehemently berate them for over-using a certain character. Whatver floats your boat! Here’s how to do it.

Method 1: The Tab button

  • Whilst In-Game, hit the enter button to open the chat box. Once there you can press tab to switch between ‘Team’ and ‘Match’ channels accordingly

Method 2: In-Line Command

  • Whilst In-Game, hit the enter button to bring up the chat box. Type /match in the chat to manually make the switch from the team chat.

Use whichever one is easiest for you, and have fun talking to your foes!

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