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Overwatch: Where to Play Basketball

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Overwatch: Where to Play Basketball

Time to shoot some hoops

Overwatch is mainly all about killing your opposition and completing the objectives. However, there’s a new craze taking the Overwatch world by storm, and that’s basketball. Unfortunately, this isn’t something you can do on every map, so here are the places you can play some basketball if you need some downtime from all of the chaotic action.

There are only three maps that have the basketball hoops and balls in them. You can find them in the spawn bases and there’s normally two hoops high up on the walls, and then a basketball on a table and one somewhere around on the floor. The three maps where you can shoot some hoops are:

  • Ilios
  • Nepal
  • Lijiang Tower

When you see yourself loading into one of these matches, make sure to take a look at the walls and the tables. You should find exactly what you’re after here. If you don’t want the distraction of other players getting in the way of your practice, you can always load up a custom game, set it to just yourself, and only select one of these three maps in the settings menu.

For more on Overwatch, make sure to check out our wiki.

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