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Young Overwatch Fan’s Character Gets Official Blizzard Makeover


Young Overwatch Fan’s Character Gets Official Blizzard Makeover

A young Overwatch fan’s dad tweeted her character idea to Blizzard and their response was both awesome and adorable!

Move over Tracer! A fan-made Overwatch hero has had an official Blizzard makeover and she is nearly as adorable as her origin story.

Meet Birst, the creation of a young Overwatch fan. The girl, inspired by Overwatch, drew a picture of her new character for her dad who tweeted it at the development team.

In her description, filled with adorable spelling mistakes, the girl provides a description of Birst’s abilities to go alongside the drawing. Birst can fight with a boomerang or  heal using a special box she carries around in her bag. She has the ability to fly and “jump soo high”. Her suit is also covered in lasers, ranking her among the most fabulous of Overwatch’s many heroes.

The Blizzard team responded, not only with their compliments of the creation, but also by getting their own art team to recreate the character in full Overwatch glory. They even seem to have taken on board the girl’s written design ideas by incorporating a healing mist into Birst’s wings.

Fans of the game have gone into full Blizzard and Birst appreciation mode with fans tweeting how much they love what Blizzard did…

to asking when she will be playable…

and even going so far as to pitch possible origin stories to Blizzard.

Now there are only two questions left for Blizzard to answer… When will Birst become a playable character and how long before they hire the kid who designed her?

Do you have a character idea you think would be great for Overwatch? Let us know in the comments.

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This post was originally written by Oisin Kilkenny-Fletcher.

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