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Overwatch: Control Tips and Tricks


Overwatch: Control Tips and Tricks

Take control!

Don’t Be Too Eager

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One of the easiest mistakes to be susceptible to when starting a match of Control is to head straight in for the control point. While you should definitely start making your way over toward it, don’t go sitting right in the middle of the point because you’re not going to do your team or yourself any favors. For the first 30 seconds of the game, the control point remains locked, meaning that you won’t be able to begin capturing or earning your team any points. Therefore, it’s best to take this time to set yourself up in a good position and try and pick off some of your opponents from a distance.

Thinning out the opposing team during these first 30 seconds can make acquiring the capture point much easier, and is more often than not the most significant point in a match of Control. Don’t set yourself to be shot down and miss out on the big rush once the control point unlocks by running in preemptively.

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