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Doom: How to Get All Collectibles

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Doom: How to Get All Collectibles

Collect ’em all!

One of Doom’s trophies/achievements is called “Every Nook and Cranny.” It tasks players with finding all of the collectibles in the single-player campaign. There are two in each chapter, making for a total of 26 collectibles for players to find during their hellish adventure.

Some of these can be very easy to miss, so to make your life a bit easier, we’ve put together a simple, easy to follow guide of each location. Follow this and you’ll see your trophy/achievement pop in no time.

Chapter 1: The UAC

Collectible 1 – Once you obtain the Blue Access Key, jump onto the nearby crate then then proceed upwards onto the higher ledge where you’ll find this collectible.

Collectible 2 – Once you’ve completed the part where you clear out the small valley full of demonic forces, locate the tunnel to the left. At the end of it, sitting on a ledge you can reach, is this item.

Chapter 2: Resource Operations

Collectible 3 – This one takes a bit of work. When you get up to the point where you must realign a satellite, enter the above vent. Follow it to its exit then climb onto the nearby roof. Follow to the ladder and climb that, then enter the building you discover.

Collectible 4 – Eventually the mission will lead you to the VEGA room. Before going in, use the crates to the left of the entrance to enter another vent. Follow it through to find this collectible.

Chapter 3: Foundry

Collectible 5 – Once you obtain the Yellow Keycard, turn around and look behind you. To your left you should see some metal railing leading to a catwalk. Look under the catwalk.

Collectible 6 – Check the conveyor belt before taking care of the Gore Nest. There will be a few crates, check the one in the middle.

Chapter 4: Argent Facility

Collectible 7 – Once you find yourself in the Cargo Station, look around for the pile of stacked crates. They’ll be leading up to a vent that you can enter. Search the left side for your Doom collectible.

Collectible 8 – When you reach the Cooling Tower, leave out the back. Once outside, head left and get onto the vent like structure you find. Be careful and move along the edge to find this one sitting on top of a box.

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