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Civilization Beyond Earth: How to End Your Turn

civilization beyond earth

Civilization Beyond Earth: How to End Your Turn

Civilization: Beyond Earth continues on the turn-based tradition set forth by Sid Meier’s long-running franchise. You’ll have a turn to set up your civilization the best you can, be it by building things, harvesting resources, forming some diplomacies, or doing absolutely nothing. Any which way, once you’ve done all you will do in a turn, it’s time to end it so your enemies can make their moves.

In order to end your turn in Beyond Earth, all you need to do is either hit Enter on your keyboard, or push that green big circle on the bottom right of your screen. This will instantly end your turn and leave anything you didn’t do, undone. So, before ending it, make sure your turn is as productive as possible!

Congratulations, you now know how to end your first turn of many in Civilization: Beyond Earth. Get used to that button.

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