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The Division’s Beta Wasn’t Much Like Destiny at All


The Division’s Beta Wasn’t Much Like Destiny at All

The Division is a beast all its own.

The Worry

The division 2

The Division’s closed beta is coming to an end, and it was pretty impressive. The scope of the RPG elements, the beauty of its open world, and the challenge of its many enemies showed that The Division is becoming something special. Of course, leading up to this beta there were those who expected some of these things because the game is basically a real world Destiny.

This definitely lead to a bit of worry from gamers looking for something new. While Destiny did end up being a solid game, it was plagued with a lot of issues on both the technical and the content side.

Many were worried about the game not being able to hold up, especially with the transitions between PvE and PvP having virtually no loading screens. A huge open world with multiple players isn’t the easiest thing in the world to pull off. Server issues are a constant threat to new IP stepping online.

There is also the likelihood that the initial offerings could run dry rather quickly. Destiny was a relatively short game with an endgame that relied on repetition. With the real world nature of The Division, prospective fans are hoping that there will be enough content to keep them invested.

The loot system in Destiny also was a cause for worry going into a new game with a similar frame. It padded the game since not all gear was created equal. With that in mind it has become difficult to look at another game that could potentially go down the same road.

Despite these hesitations, after quite a bit of hands on time it’s clear to see that The Division is very much a title of its own, a game that carves out its very own niche in the grand scheme of gaming, even if it does borrow a few things from other titles.

Of course, it may be hard to see the differences, so here’s the breakdown after having spent time with the closed beta. 

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