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How to Get into The Division Beta

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How to Get into The Division Beta

Wanna try The Division?

The Division Beta is available this weekend on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Of course, you can’t just download the Beta on your respective platform and jump in. There are some requirements.

If you pre-ordered digitally then you will be able to download the beta directly from your digital marketplace. Just install and jump right in. Keep in mind that Ubisoft has closed beta access to PSN pre-orders in some regions, so pre-ordering at this point on PS4 will not get you into the beta. You can check the affected country list here.

If you pre-ordered at a brick and mortar store, like GameStop, then you’ll have a code on your receipt. That code will need to be entered at The Division’s beta site. You will be prompted to choose your platform (make sure you choose the right one) and then enter your code. If done correctly, you will receive an email to your Uplay associated address telling you that you’re in. After a short wait, you will get your download code for either Xbox One, PS4, or Steam, depending on what you chose.

Now, if you did not pre-order but still want to try The Division’s beta out, you can go to that same site and sign-up to the waiting list. Ubisoft will randomly choose some lucky individuals to join in on the fight.


Once you’ve completed either of these tasks you’re in, and then it’s time to take back NYC.

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