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The Division: 7 Things to Look for in the Beta


The Division: 7 Things to Look for in the Beta

Are you ready to take back NYC?

It’s been a long time coming, but the much-anticipated release of Tom Clancy’s The Division is right around the corner. As has become the standard for online-centric experiences, The Division will launch a beta this weekend – Jan. 28 for Xbox One users and Jan. 29 for PS4.

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The word “beta” is a bit misleading as a description for any of these kinds of pre-launch demos. In actuality, they are server stress tests that provide user feedback that can be valuable for pushing out post-launch patches in a more expedited fashion. With the game set to launch in a little over a month, it is safe to assume it is approaching – if not already in – its final build, and major changes cannot be made to the core mechanic of the game.

With the knowledge that this game is probably going gold any time now, here are some things that the beta can shed some useful light on.

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