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8 Biggest Games to Look Forward to in January 2016


8 Biggest Games to Look Forward to in January 2016

Get the year started right.

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Amplitude (Jan. 5)

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Amplitude is that classic rhythm game that paved the way for titles such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero with its slick music, fast pace, and stunning visuals. When the Kickstarter was announced for a re-imagining of the PS2 classic, music games fans were excited. After some hard work and a bit of going back to the drawing board, Amplitude has become something that an entirely new generation of gamers can enjoy as we move into yet another great year of gaming.

A much more intuitive gameplay scheme, original music, an interesting story, and new visuals that do the classic justice make Amplitude a must have. Whether you’re looking for some nostalgia feels or trying to find out why people can’t get enough of rhythm games, there is no better place to start. You can pick this one up on PS3 or PS4 when it finally releases. 

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