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Top 10 Best Party Games to Play With Friends & Family


Top 10 Best Party Games to Play With Friends & Family

The perfect accompaniment for some balloons and streamers.

Mario Kart

Best Party Games to Play With Friends & Family

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It doesn’t really matter who you’re partying with, everyone loves a good bit of Mario Kart. Bring out your old Nintendo Wii or Wii U and throw down in the chaotic kart racer. Whether you just play it for a few of the four race cups or set up your own custom rules cup, which has you racing on every track in the game, you and your guests will be laughing and shouting your way through the night.

What makes Mario Kart so great for parties is that the chaotic nature of the items means that quite literally anyone could win with the help of a well-timed blue shell. You’ll even be able to get mom, dad, and grandma in on the action.

If you’re all up for getting quite tipsy too, how about you turn it into a bit of a drinking game? The person who finishes last out of you all has to drink. Every time a blue shell is fired, you guessed it. Drink! You may not be able to stand up by the end but at least you’ll be quite merry by the time the party draws to a close.

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