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5 Times the Gaming Industry Kicked Ass in 2015


5 Times the Gaming Industry Kicked Ass in 2015

Here’s to a great year in gaming.

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Psychonauts 2 Gets Announced

Psychonauts 2

Some games only get better as time goes on and they gain more of a fan following over the years. Psychonauts is one of the primary examples of a cult classic, a brilliantly written and hilarious adventure platforming game from 2005. The game was an imaginative platformer that focused on its main character, Raz, diving into characters’ minds during his training as a spy with psychic abilities, or “Psychonaut.”

Unfortunately, Psychonauts was not an overwhelming commercial success. Because the rights to the game were held by Majesco Entertainment, it seemed unlikely that we’d ever see anything Psychonauts related again. Luckily, in 2011 Double Fine acquired the rights for their beloved game again, although years would pass without a word of it.

Then, The Game Awards happened this December, and a game we’ve waited almost eight years for finally was announced. The head of Double Fine himself, Tim Schafer, came out on stage and dropped the bombshell of the show on us. Psychonauts 2 was hitting crowdfunding with a goal of $3.3 million. With 2015 also being the year of huge Kickstarter funding successes, the game immediately cleared tens of thousands of dollars.

Even now with only a couple weeks left in the campaign, Psychonauts 2 has cleared $3 million and only has a short distance left. 2015 has certainly been a year of the impossible becoming possible, and Pyschonauts 2 was a fantastic announcement to round it all out.

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