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5 Games That Didn’t Stop When You Thought It Was All Over


5 Games That Didn’t Stop When You Thought It Was All Over

A look back at the finest surprises games have ever offered.

The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past & The Dark World

The evil wizard, Agahnim

Link to the Past is often regarded as the perfect realization of what a Legend of Zelda game is meant to be. An open-ish map of Hyrule with hidden, superfluous items that completely change the way the game is played. This, combined with some of the finest dungeon designs the series has ever seen, turns out to create a Zelda game that turns the typical narrative-constraints of the franchise on its head, while simultaneously feeling fresh and familiar.

You, the Hero, descendant of the Knights of Hyrule, have won the three symbols of virtue, navigated the perils of the Lost Woods, and acquired the Blade of Evil’s Bane – the Master Sword. For a moment, you believe that you finally have a leg-up on the evil wizard known as Agahnim. Then you get a distress call from Princess Zelda herself! Agahnim’s soldiers have broken into the Sanctuary and captured Zelda, locking her away inside Hyrule Castle. This is it – the final dungeon… or so you think.

A world of new possibilities

After surviving the onslaught of brain-washed soldiers, you’re finally face-to-face with Aghanim, whom you believe to be your final test before you can save the day and let the credits roll. As you land the killing blow, you suddenly find it odd that the nefarious pig-man known as Ganon was nowhere to be seen. As a last ditch effort, Agahnim opens a portal, trapping you at the top of a pyramid in a strange new land known as the Dark World. Once the surprise settles in, you smile, for your adventure has truly begun.

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