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4 Reasons Why Kojima and Sony Are a Match Made in Heaven


4 Reasons Why Kojima and Sony Are a Match Made in Heaven

A match made in heaven.

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By now, you are well aware of the news that the Kojima/Konami relationship has come to a less than civil end, as evidenced by this flaming pile of crap from Konami, coupled with this complete and utter nonsense from Konami, and culminating in this great big hot mess of a disaster from, you guessed it, Konami. 29 years of a mutually beneficial relationship leveled before our very eyes over the course of a year.

As of December 15, Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has started his own studio and has agreed to release its first title as a PlayStation 4 console-exclusive — that will eventually make its way onto PC. The announcement was far from a surprise for those that know the longstanding relationship Kojima and Sony have fostered over the last couple of decades.

However, the deal makes sense on an array of different levels for both parties that are involved. Let’s take a look at what made this deal predictable, yet oh so sweet. 

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