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5 Themes We Expect to See in Kojima’s Next Game


5 Themes We Expect to See in Kojima’s Next Game

Will these be the ingredients of Kojima’s next project?

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With Kojima’s last planned project following the Metal Gear Solid series finale to be Silent Hills in collaboration with Guillermo del Toro and Norman Reedus, it only makes sense that Kojima will plan to delve back into the horror series. Both del Toro and Reedus have gone on record voicing their disappointment that Silent Hills would never happen and we can only reflect these sentiments. Kojima remained quiet on the issue following the game’s cancellation but del Toro in the interview above mentions how Kojima was “super happy” with the way the game was shaping up.

Whether or not Sony and Konami can do a deal to reunite Kojima and the horror franchise is yet to be seen but it would sure keep fans more than happy. On the other hand, perhaps giving him free reign and not linking him to the Silent Hills series would be the best thing for the final product. Whatever happens, one thing’s for sure. If Kojima’s sentiments toward P.T and Silent Hills are anything to go by, a horror game is a pretty good bet.

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