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8 Games to Ring in the New Year With


8 Games to Ring in the New Year With

Time to celebrate the gaming way.

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Ah, the New Year. A time for celebration as pop idols sing in crowded streets, fireworks fill the air, and the Times Square ball drops at the pace of our screamed out countdowns. This is the one day where everyone is celebrating in unison as the dawn of yet another year settles over us. But not everyone can join in on the worldwide festivities. Maybe you’re sick, maybe the party is too far, or maybe you’d just rather stay home. Whatever the reason, you still deserve to have a bit of fun as you welcome another opportunity to forget all of your resolutions.

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Luckily you’ve stumbled across the perfect place if you don’t happen to know what to do. Gaming is perfect for pretty much any situation, and that includes New Year celebrations. Here are some games that are just perfect for ringing in a brand new year. 

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